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New Potter-Painting

New Potter Painting

Still plugging away at Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, here is Chapter Four: At Flourish & Blotts. There's alot going on in this scene, which I both like and dislike about it; lots of great details and whatnot, but unless you're looking at it up-close, things get muddled together and lost. When I first started it, I wasn't sure I'd get everyone in the scene that I wanted. Luckily I only had to cut one person from the original plans, the annoyed looking shop keeper of Flourish & Blotts. But it was an easy sacrifice to make considering everyone else mentioned made it in!

A little heads up: Due to timeline issues, I was forced to stop this now finished painting half way though it in favor of another project. I've since finished both projects and only now am finally able to get them posted. That’s why it’s been a while since I’ve had new Potter Art to share. Also, it might be a little while before the next comes along cause I’m currently in rehearsals for a musical.

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