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drawmeharry's Journal

Harry Potter Artists
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Welcome to Draw Me Harry Artists. We are a compromising group of talented artists who draw Harry Potter fan art for fun. Please join if you draw Harry Potter Art or you would like some tips or a challenge to do a drawing. Even join because you like Harry Potter!


1. No using anyone's art unless you have permission.
2. No making rude comments to anyone's art. Everyone is talented in their own way. Respect everyone's style. Only comment what you don't like about it if the artist asks.
3. You're art can be in any form.
4. Slash is allowed, but please put an LJ cut and a warning about it. Slash is sometimes offensive to people. Also, put the rating. G, PG, PG 13, R... etc. If it is of extreme sexual nature (showing of any body parts.. or.. er.. compromising situations), contact me first.
5. Always use the LJ cut when posting a picture/artwork, no matter what the size is.
6. It has to be Harry Potter Related (Duh).

Contest Information

1. Don't use someone else's work. Anyone caught doing that will immediately be suspended or banned. Copying is not tolerable.
2. Entires must be colored unless told otherwise.
3. Must post contest entries as a comment.
4. No late entries.
5. Must upload in your own website. If you do not have one, please contact the maintainer(me), and I will upload it.

Challenges can be given by any member, anytime. Short fics can be also included with entries to explain the drawings.

Contact Information (for questions regarding anything on the community, or anything else):
+ AIM - Mysticalsoul02
+ Y!M - Enchanted_presence or keeperbletchley

Other Info:
+ Lj cut is: < lj-cut > (no spaces)
+ Links: < a href="URL" >Link Name< /a > (no spaces)
+ Images: < img src="URL" > (no spaces)

Happy Drawing Everyone!